Chars and stages for Mugen.

Owner: ANDRÉS BORGHI (from Argentina)

Special thanks to CALYPSO!

What is M.U.G.E.N.?


17/12/2013 - All 6 main chars from the Black Heart updated for regular M.U.G.E.N. Check CHARS section.
04/08/2013 - Version 1.2 of The Black Heart released! Check it:
01/03/2010 - Final released!!! chars section.
01/01/2010 - Hashi and Noroko updated. All other 4 characters too. Dload 'em all again!
30/12/2009 - Animus released for Winmugen. Also, Fatal move tutorial updated.
12/15/2009 - Shar-makai 6.0 released for winmugen (The Black heart version)
11/27/2009 - Ananzi (Viuda Negra) 4.0 released for winmugen (The Black heart version)
11/22/2009 - Peketo 7.0 released for regular winmugen (The Black heart version)